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The Importance of Creating Safe Spaces for the Youth

The Importance of Creating Safe Spaces for the Youth

As many of you know, last year we had the opportunity to partner with the amazing nonprofit, Ruby’s Place, to transform their “House of Hope” as part of the One Room Challenge. Which serves as a seven-bed facility to provide emergency shelter for runaway and homeless girls ages 12-17 in Hayward, California.

One of the highlights of this project was working with Saatva, who graciously donated seven Saatva Classic Mattresses, the foundational support, and Organic Sateen Sheets. In working with them, we learned more about their efforts to inform communities on the importance of sleep and how sleep deprivation in adolescents can affect their moods and behavior, ability to understand and interpret information, and their overall performance and development.

In honor of Sleep Awareness Week (March 14, 2022 – March 19, 2022) and today being World Sleep Day, we wanted to spread awareness of the importance of creating safe spaces for the youth. The necessary sleep quantity for optimal performance gradually decreases as someone ages into adulthood, but the quality needed remains the same. There are many factors that go into someone’s ability get quality sleep, but one of the most important factors is their environment.

Part of JSI’s mission is to provide safe & confidence-inspiring spaces that are thoughtfully designed and executed to provide those in need with a quality environment. We understand the importance and the impact of having a safe space to unwind, rest, recharge, and feel safe. It is our privilege to be in a place where we can assist in creating spaces for children and teens to have a sense of comfort, stability, and normality even in situations that are less than ideal.

With nearly 2.5 million adolescents under the age of 18 facing homelessness each year in America, we will continue to partner with Saatva and do the good work of creating functional and cozy environments to act as safe spaces for the youth. We encourage everyone to learn more about their communities and aid in creating spaces for adolescents to feel heard, understood and protected in whatever space they call home.

Stay well, be kind, and live joyfully my friends.